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   Awakening the Dream

The Answer to the Call of Your Dreams


Pay Attention.

The night beckons.

Your inner landscape is calling you inside.

Go, Be Fed There.


Awakening the Dream entails an experience where you can embrace a whole other part of life from the place of dreams. Likened to the magic carpet ride we see in fairy tales, we are given this carpet of dreams to ride on every time we go to to put our head on our pillows at night. It is known that we have an average of 5-7 dreams a night. These dreams can be hidden keys to parts of ourselves that are asking to be seen or clues to how one can approach their waking life. With the multidimensionality that is palpable in dream states, it is natural to want to know more of the mysteries behind your dreams.


Told by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, a dream is our holding of a mirror facing the collective unconscious reality and we are given this window, this mirror to look through and see what is necessary, what is for us individually to know about this vast great space beyond. Often times it is very pertinent to a situation in your waking reality and can give the signs you need to make decisions that are spirit led or exercise your intuition. It is a way you can get to know your intuition and it's power to guide.


If you are on a journey of living a more intuitive life, seeking greater union with your inner landscapes, and exploring your vastness in this human experience, then this is a journey you will want to embark upon. Set your sails on this carpet ride with me. What I offer to you here in Awakening the Dream is an opportunity to be with a guide in this inner landscape that is calling to be heard and utilized. It is often I hear people speak of their dreams in a matter of questioning...What does this mean? Why did I have this dream? Somewhere deep inside you recognize there is meaning, messaging and an opportunity to harvest from that dream.

















Dreams can be seen as a source that is offering a "helping" hand or insight to our lives. A source that is able to paint pictures with incredible creative energy that uses symbols, colors, feelings, elements of nature, and things we may never see or experience in the waking life, yet it is our dreamworld. What a gift right?


So with that, if you are willing to receive more deeply this gift of dreams, read on and feel if this is right for you. This is an opportunity to harvest more deeply a dream that has you looking back at it or look at one you may have had that is be simple from the surface. Yet when given the tools I have to share, it can have profound impact on how you conduct yourself in your waking life. 



You might be asking, is this right for me?


If any of the answers below are a YES then taking this journey IS YOURS TO TAKE!

Do you want to invite your dreamworld into your life with greater intention and form a deep relationship to this part of yourself?

Are you greatly connected to the seasons and you feel something is asking you to pay attention from within. To what? You do not know and yet your dream life is awakening.


Do you often forget your dreams or think you don't dream at all and would like to explore waking this part of your life?


Are you disenchanted with waking reality and feel you are lost in purpose and direction?


Have you been doing work to navigate and heal your inner landscapes and would like to add this to your tool chest?

Do you need another perspective on a dream, one that can blow open more possibilities to how you are looking at a situation in your waking life?

Do you feel from deep within that dreams have been a source that guides you but you don't feel confident you are "getting it?"

Do you have nightmares and see many dreams as a place that is full of fearful experiences and violence? Are you curious why? Is there a deeper message?

YES, YES...?



This list can go on and on because dreams truly are a part of everyone's life. It is there, available as a pertinent aspect to how we navigate life. This is what it has been in my experience and how my passion for Awakening the Dream has come to fruit. And with the fruits of the many seeds bestowed upon me, I share with you this special gift.


Know that I come to you with this offer in the understanding that you are the the one in the lead with interpretations. I do not have a book or dictionary where I extract definitions for you. You can begin to feel into the resonance of what is true for you. What I do is offer guidance as to how you can dance in your life of dreams. I in essence intend to be a crystal clear mirror for you, to extract reflections that resonate with you. You will know when something does or does not "hit a chord". Sometimes, the resonance will come later. An idea may fall flat, or shake you with great or subtle emotion on multiple spectrums. This is often a sign that something is resonating. A tool I will offer consistently and through opening our journey is that your body is a knowing place. 


I have experienced some dreamers come with their own interpretations of a dream that can be pertinent and yet be able to also move through this process with me and find the dream deserves many interpretations, all offering greater clarity. There are all these possibilities and more. So with that here are the ways in which you can journey with me, read all the way through to feel what resonates with you deeply. You can always ask questions to get further clarity on any of the offerings. For inquiries get in touch with me here.




Awakening the Dream TeleSeries

This is an opportunity to learn and explore at the level and focus you desire. There will be throughout the year many different themes and opportunities that will suit your needs and interest. Each series we will move through a journey each call and be able to practice some tools to interpret your own dreams. The intention is to come into practice with awakening our dreams in a collective way with others. Often times, collective work offers people the opportunity strengthen the intentions we personally have and magnify them. I will also open a private facebook page where we all come together to learn, share, and dream. Offering one another insights and possibilities through each other's mirroring. This collective focus gives power and potentcy to the what you want to cultivate in your dream world. For what's scheduled ahead, check out, Awakening the Dream Teleseries.







One-on-One Awakening the Dream

This involves your interest to come to me with a dream or a few. Dreams that are more recent have greater pertinence to what is now in your life. You can come to me for one session or continue with multiple sessions with dreams being the focus of the work we do together. Each session being about 1 hour long over skype or phone. The means in which we mean is up to your discretion. If you would like to schedule an appointment with me, contact me here.








One-On-One- Chrysalis Soul Guidance

Sharing tools that go beyond dream interpretation, Chrysalis Soul Guidance can Awaken the Dream in bigger ways in one's life. Some dream work will happen here as it tends to awaken as a result of the Chrysalis Soul Guidance work. This is an organic journey led intuitively through the conversation between the two of us. I open channels for possibility of insight, growth, and offer myself as a bridge to a re-balancing of your life energetically, spiritually, physically, heartfully and soulfully. I am an honest and compassionate listener, who can be honest, always offering in grace, with whatever you are moving through. A true advocate at your side, holder of the Divine Femine energies, and healing both the masculine/feminine imbalances that are manifest in our world that does not serve your highest good are some of the things we can focus on. I journey with you towards the truest present application of your deepest desires for life and we start where you are.


I inspire for gentleness and self love to arise in ways authentic to the medicine woman I am. This is my greatest prayer for all the offerings before you. This journey follows the natural process a caterpillar takes, into chrysalis form and to the magical manifestation of the butterfly. If you feel within your being that you might be moving through a Chrysalis transformation in your life, often shown by a big change, deep longing for something you cannot quite reach or comprehend, a breakdown of some sort, then this work is exactly for you. If you are curious and long for the breakthrough in your life, continue to read more about this on Chrysalis Soul Guidance.


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