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Free First Hour of Consulation and Planning

Chrysalis Life Coaching


Chrysalis Life Coaching is a service individualized for each person, unique to the needs and preferences one is seeking to be met. I created this service to offer my intuitive abilities, love for sharing deeply powerful tools, and to assist in the transformations that occur naturally in life and yet sometimes difficult to walk alone in. I give to you the opportunity to be witnessed in the profoundly beautiful unraveling involved in changes throughout life. To some it may not FEEL beautiful, it may not feel you are worth it but to look in the deep mirrors of life, oceans and lakes of divine grace can be accessed with great care and accountability to one's life unfolding.


In the light of transformation, tools are suggested for use and grounding one's growth that feels like what a chrysalis like state would be for an emerging butterfly. Some tools that may be offered are dream work as taught by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, active imagination, visualization, Stone Medicine and body work, journaling, reflective mirroring, getting in touch with the child within, nature walks, creating soul connected ritual and practices, and circle work. The work of learning and practicing commitment, accountability and perseverance are emphasized to encourage the process of growth and attaining results.


A free consultation of up to an hour is recommended for this service if seeking one-on-one guidance. Continue to the contact page below to set schedule the consult and ask any questions you may have. Share any two hour window in the next week you might be available for the meeting. Phone sessions and Zoom are available ways of having a session. In this meeting we will plan and set a foundation for what is needed as a part of the process and pricing varies according to need and length of sessions. An agreement and contract will be made before sessions begin.

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