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About Mariza Dovis


Mariza Dovis has always maintained a passion for being in service to increase happiness and contentment for others and within herself. Through her endeavors in life to offer different modalities towards greater ease and love in life, create and share beauty wherever it serves as inspiration, and maintaining a perspective of being a student to life; she comes to an apex of her career as a guide and in service to those seeking to walk a path of wholeness.

One of her greatest personal findings is a relationship with the body as a very important connection to cultivate vitality and maintain our passions in life. Creating an authentic alliance with the body is no easy task as there are a lot of "how to's" and "to do's"  in today's world. Mariza has found that one of the best places to look for an authentic connection to the body is at the massage table where one can receive through the body an invitation to return to equilibrium. When you leave the treatment you can feel a significant shift in energy and mood and from here this place a greater centered walk is available.


Refining the intuitive self and aligning one's heart to your desires are also celebrated by Mariza. She is a proponent of being strong in one's own sense of self to bring back the innate power of self-love and care as one of the deepest roots one can cultivate and provide for long lasting positive change. Meeting her will inspire as her presence communicates deep care and understanding as a foundation of her service.




Mariza Dovis is a queer native of the Philippines and has resided in the United States for over 35 years. She now lives in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley with her family. A student and teacher of transformation through the learning of her own journey in life, she comes with great wisdom and many tools to offer. She studied the fine arts of Ceramics at James Madison University, receiving her Bachelors in Fine Arts, as well as a license to teach Art Grades K-12. She completed her schooling for the National Board Certification in Massage Therapy at Cedar Stone School of Massage in Harrisonburg in the spring of 2013, and thereafter continues her learning of Inyan Mani, (Stone Walker) tradition of stone massage through Jenny Ray and other elders. She is an initiate of a two year program the Priestess Path and Women In Power by  ALisa Starkweather. She is a Certified Groove Method Facilitator, creates space and continues to study under world renowned author, psychotherapist and cantadora, Clarissa Pinkola Estes. Mariza has completed her 5 part and year workshop, Mysterium; Psychology in the Truest Sense of the Word and comes equipped with many ways to explore the unconscious and psyche. Her studies continue to receive more training in Heart of the Wounded Healer through the guidance of Dr. Estes.

Mariza's life is spent happily mothering four children and approaching life as her vocation. Maintaining a home-life full of growth and newness, she welcomes the adventure and reverie that each day offers. She is a born visionary, a ceramicist, graphic artist, painter, gardener, writer, community builder, partner, sister, daughter and lover of the mysteries of life. She is dedicated to creating bridges of understanding wherever her path leads, to share, receive and give with an open heart to all beings.


Further details on services are available at the Services tab. Call or Email Mariza Dovis privately for any further questions at the Contact tab.


"I knew early in life that I would walk a path of love and share it with others. I live with the humility of still learning love has many shades yet has the greatest power to heal."

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