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   Awakening the Dream Teleseries

Introduction and preparatory class

December 28th, 29th 8pm-9:30pm est

January 8th, 9th 8pm-9:30pm est

Sacred Economy $37-$67


Offered two times this winter, this 2 part immersion is designed to awaken your dream life with simple tools and mindful intention to begin the practice of focusing on your dream life and to harvest the gifts there. It is important to realize that the winter days moving towards their darkest times comes with many gifts and offerings of connection to other realms. Dreams come with the intention to offer us something to our highest good. Even though some dreams may come leaving one confused or fearful, often touched deeply, there is always something to harvest for your greatest good. You can always tell the power of dreams as they set a great tone for the day when we pay attention, really  begin to understand our subconscious and unconscious realms. It is when we form a deep bond with our dream life that it begins to serve as a tool, a companion if you will, that has the potential to paint a life with greater meaning and discovery. It is true that there are many kinds of dreams yet many fall in the category of being able to be interpreted through symbolism and intuition. Elements in dreams are also often looked as parts of ourselves. Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes states that all the parts, tone, objects, environments, elements, are ourselves. Are you ready to dive deeper into your knowing and self-awareness?


Here are some of the things you will come to experience and gain from this class.


                     * Meditation and Visualization

                     * Forming a personal and collective intention to empower one another's dream life

                     * Basic beginning steps to interpret your own dreams

                     * Tips on how to create the ritual of having dreams and recording them

                     * Awakening to the doors of new possibilities and paths to take in life

                     * A demonstration of interpreting a dreamers dream

                     * Invitation to a community of Awakened Dreamers on a private facebook page

                     * Question/Answer at the end 


A great way to tell if you are ready to be immersed in this class is by asking your inner guidance to show you a sign or way of being if this is right for you. Sit still, in a place of receiving, and ask for your answer. If you have received the YES, let's begin.




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Deepening with the Divine Feminine

For Women Dreamers

January 5th, 6th, 14th, 21st 

8-9:30pm est 



This is a 4 part immersion designed to bring into focus a deepening and connection to the divine feminine awakening within. With the energies of the universe moving towards balance of the masculine and feminine, many women are awakening to the importance of tapping into their deep feminine selves to empower and heal from a deep source that has been untapped for many many years or lifetimes. There have been ways in which many women have subconsciously or unconsciously lived with imbalances and are now ready to release and let go of what doesn't serve them. Through this journey with me and sisters around the world, we will explore the dream realms, bring deep intention for insight on how to begin healing or awakening the divinity from within and come into consciousness together as a circle of women doing the work to be more balanced and heal.


It came to me to explain what I might mean by "healing from within and coming into balance". As women of today's society we can still see many injustices that have come from the subjugation of our gender and many inequalities in humanity towards anyone who is "different" from some status quo of what is "normal." Often times, our psyche might also begin to turn that same injustice inward and many are waking up to the imbalance of treatment of oneself and lack of self-love inside one's own inner world. For example, choose for one day to record all the negative self talk you might direct towards yourself and notice, do you direct this same negativity and level of criticism to others? Or another example, how much do you question your self worth and what are you up against when you do? Do you know how to transform these thoughts or energies? These subtleties in our subconscious or unconscious reality can really effect how fully awake we are to life and our responses to it. It also effects greatly what we decide to put our energies and hearts into and how we show up in the world, especially to our commitments. In order to come into greater authenticity and alignment to our hearts and core, healing has to also come from within.


This time of year is the time to reevaluate, time to shed, time to look within, and most important a time to be with others in warm, gentle, and empowering ways. It is always good to cultivate a gentle way with oneself and to create a practice that involves the dream world as one place where you can begin to form an appreciation for your inner life and go deep to access your worth as a woman of today.


These darker nights are a call for us to look inside, play in these realms, allow for movement and clearing, to plant new seeds, to give rich compost for what will want to birth for the next year. The journey of self exploration, awakening, expansion and growth is of great importance for greater well being and vitality. In order to tap into the YES in this life for you, as a woman of today, it is time to look within, to feel, to empower the intuition to rise, to take a place of importance in your life for these times are really calling for it.


In the totality of the 4 sessions, you are being offered these experiences and tools to take with you.


                          * Meditation and journey into the unknown within

                          * Cocreating as a group of women an experience that invites the Divine Feminine within

                          * Accessing our connection to the divine through dreamwork 

                          * Learning about descansos as a mirror into the past to access places where we might need to heal more deeply

                          * Access to a private facebook page  through this teleseries, to share and mirror dreams and insights

                          * An opportunity to learn of and invite Goddesses and faces of the Blessed Mother from different lands around the world                                   to assist in your land of night dreams and awake dreams

                          * Creating a ritual that opens this journey of healing, rebalancing, and putting a spark back into your intuitive life.

                          * An invitation and empowerment to create art from the richness dreams offer

                          * Experiencing from the call a dream interpretation by myself  from a dream that is offered by a participant

                          * Receive recordings of all the classes to harvest from later, especially if you miss a class.

                          * Receive discounts on other offerings like Chrysalis Soul Guidance and One-on-One Dreamwork


A great way to tell if you are ready to be immersed in the immersions I offer is by asking your inner guidance to show you a sign or way of being if this is right for you. Sit still, in a place of receiving, and ask for your answer. If you have received the YES, let's begin.





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