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   Awakening the Dream

"Yes, I am ready to explore more deeply my divinity and the feminine nature of my being."

Welcome to this journey of awakening the divine feminine within. It is through harvesting the gifts of dreams that one can find we have something within us that carries us towards our greatest good and divinity for dreams are a place full of mystery and awe. Together as a tribe of women, we will come together and empower our intention to go inward during these long nights, ask from our hearts our desires for insight, growth, and new outcomes from what we are letting go and shedding of our past. It is time to set the landscape in our inner lives for what can be birthed in the new year for each of our sacred journeys in this life. Are you ready?


Sign up below by mentioning you are signing up for Deepening with the Divine Feminine. Know your presence is a gift in this and that you are honored for where you are on your journey. You will receive more information once you have registered.


In deep gratitude. 


             Mariza Dovis   

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$187 for all 4 sessions

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Registration fee of $50 to reserve your spot




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