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Henna As Body Art


Henna which is known for it's power to protect, to bring good fortune and to provide material as well as spiritual wealth is used in many ceremonies today. In general it is thought of as a lucky charm or blessing. It is commonly used as a natural plant based hair dye or used for the body.


A perfect addition for mother's blessingsways, baby showers, wedding parties and children's parties, a lasting impression can be made with the service of henna as body art to any occasion.


To make an appointment please contact Mariza Dovis by email or phone.


$69 per hour includes all materials

It takes an average of 10-15 minutes per person if doing an intricate design on hand, arm or leg.

Children's parties are simpler in design and is $49 an hour. Pay can be prorated.

Mother's Henna Belly $69

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