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Baby Belly Cast


Baby Belly Casts are a beautiful and fun way to keep a remembrance of the beautiful pregnant body as it holds new life within the mother. Using plaster strips, recinforcements, detail work to the edges, and smoothing of the surface after it is dried, makes for a long lasting keep-sake for years to come. It is especially beautiful to show your child what he/she looked like in the womb before they were born.


The cast once finished, can remain in it's pure white form to be hung and displayed or painted and decorated to your liking.


If you know of a favorite artist or love collaging on surfaces, then this is a perfect project for you to finish. If you would like to have the belly cast painted by Mariza Dovis, she can offer suggestions and ideas and offer a price on the intricacy of the work you are looking to have.


This process involves a little mess that can be contained.  Careful attention to keeping you hydrated and well taken care of is important in the and two hours depending on how elaborate or big you want the cast to be.


Check out some pictures on the web by clicking here to be inspired. To make an appointment please contact Mariza Dovis by email or phone.


$119 Baby Belly Cast

* including material cost

*reduced price if added to the activities in a Blessingway Ceremony

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