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Mother's Companion offers mother's prenatal and postnatal assistance through bodywork, in-home services and phone consults.


Through the changes in life as well as the physical changes a mother experiences,  stress and anxiety are likely results of this time of life. This may sometimes cause post-partum depression, making it difficult to connect to your family and especially your newborn.


Radical self-care is of utmost importance and getting a post-partum doula as a neutral support system is a great way to address this.  Pre and Postpartum massage is highly recommended as it aids in the ease of pregnancy and return of the body to it's non-pregnant state, as well as ease the transitions happening in the body, mind, spirit and soul.


Birthing a new child into the world is one of the most transformational experiences for a woman to have and there are many harvests of great inner wealth and joy one can attain that can last for a lifetime in one's heart. With conscious awareness towards the teachings, humbling and celebration of life, you can savor this time for it's every morself of gold it has to offer. Sometimes the growth can involve some shedding of the old that can cause some disorientation, yet with Mariza as a support, through her depth of care and experience, grace can enter with greater ease.  Due to her unique education and work with Chrysalis Soul Guidance, Mother's Companion is an offering that can meet many women's needs.


Mariza also offers the creation of a Blessingway Ceremony which are ceremonies that honor the mother in her transition and creates for her a support team that offers prayers and intentions for her during her time of laboring and birthing. This may also include or in a separate occasion have Henna Belly Body Art Service and/or Belly Casting and Decoration as a part of the package.


Prices for Prenatal and Postnatal Massage are the same as in BIJABodyWorks. There are special discounts for multiple session packages and rates can be found at BIJABodyWorks. You can schedule a FREE meet and greet session immediately by calling 540-383-0570. For specific pricing for Mother's Companion Services, please request from Mariza Dovis a price sheet inquiring here.


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